IT Support

The regions of our IT support are Gauteng (Pretoria, Midrand, Johannesburg, East Rand and more) as well as parts of Mpumalanga (Bronkhorstspruit, Witbank, Delmas).

We offer IT support for Windows, Apple Mac and Linux desktops and servers as well as smartphones running Android or IOS. Windows versions XP to 10. Our preferred Linux distros are Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Centos etc.

Our IT support includes, for instance, the solving of network shares issues, printer problems, and setting up your email on your desktop or smartphone network shares issues etc.

The IT support can be done either as an SLA or on an ad hoc basis. SLAs can be customized as needed for each client and generally offer a retainer of x amount of hours and a certain response time. SLA clients will always get preference, but we do out best to assist all scenarios as promptly as possible.

We strive to perform our services on a proactive model where we try to predict and make suggestions to prevent most common problems before they happen. Wherever possible problems will be dealt with remotely via Software such as Teamviewer or Anydesk to ensure the quickest possible time from a call being logged to the point where a solution is found. Of course in some rare cases it is impossible to solve problems remotely and then a callout will be scheduled. There will be a callout charge for non-SLA clients.